How to dose dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements work properly only when they are applied in appropriate doses. Before taking them, it is worth carefully reading the label and consider what is the real need of our organism for certain nutrients. Below you will find a few universal principles regarding using supplements.

Do not exceed the daily dose recommended by the producer – dietary supplements are safe, however, only when we take them at the recommended doses.

If you are only starting to use a given supplement, begin from the smallest dose. It especially concerns pre-workout supplements – the suitable dose may be lower than the dose recommended by the producer among people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Try to take the supplements at the same time of each day. Thanks to this, the concentration of the active ingredients will be optimal. A common mistake is taking a few capsules when we happen to forget to take one portion. It may cause serious consequences. If you forget to take one dose, just skip it and take another one when the time comes.

Do not combine a few supplements with similar effects – many dietary supplements contain similar ingredients and cause the same effects on the human organism. The excess of various substances, such as vitamins or substances of plant origin may negatively influence our health. For this reason, it is worth reading labels carefully and avoiding the application of several preparations with the same effect simultaneously.