How are supplements from various producers different?

People who often buy dietary supplements have surely noticed that the prices of different preparations containing similar ingredients, but coming from various producers may considerably vary. Why some preparations are significantly more expensive and do cheap preparations provide the same effects?

Composition – the preparations containing the same active ingredient may considerably differ in its amount in one capsule. Certain preparations contain a lower dose of an active substance or offer only a plant extract and not carefully isolated, the most valuable material.

The type of the active substance– it is visible especially in case of dietary supplements with ginseng. They may contain the most valuable Panax Ginseng or cheaper variations of ginseng with weaker effects. A similar situation concerns ashwagandha or protein supplements. If you are not sure about the composition of a given supplement, read carefully the list of ingredients.

The price of advertisement – some companies invest more money in enticing packaging, expensive advertising campaigns and sponsoring sports events, which needs to be reflected in a slightly higher price of supplements. It is also worth remembering about the fact, that the products of well-known producers have been tested by a larger group of clients.

The form of application – modern dietary supplements offer a comfortable form of application, which is especially important for people who have problems with swallowing tablets or expect very quick effects. In case of dietary supplements in the form of powder, more expensive products usually offer better taste and solubility.